The Basics of Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the procedure of carrying out investigations on computer systems by compiling and examining evidence and information which is connected to the computer.

This is done to find out their unlawful or unauthorized participation in criminal activities or frauds. This procedure is new and is utilized by law enforcement, businesses, military and intelligence agencies.

Protocols for processing of computer evidence are religiously observed in this procedure, since the results should be produced in a court of law.

About Computer Forensics

• Computer forensics is not just restricted to data recovery in computers. This is a rapidly expanding investigative method utilized by a forensic expert for retrieval of data which has been stored electronically.

• This is data which could have also been encrypted. It may be on digital media like a personal computer or a computer at work. Agencies for law enforcement utilize computer forensics to compile evidence about a recognized criminal or suspect.

Experts on computer forensics are able to discover criminal employees or contractors who are leaking crucial data like company strategies or personal customer information.

Training in Computer Forensics

• Most professionals of computer forensics learn the methods while
working in positions of law enforcement or computer security.